Our Story

A place where delicious creations are crafted with love and devotion.

Our vegan bakery and bar, derives its name from the intrepidĀ fearless persona of our brand mascot, Maya, a spirited bird companion. In the spirit of our feathered friend, our bakery encompasses a sense of curiosity and adventure, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and regions worldwide to craft delicious plant-based pastries that captivate the taste buds while embracing natural ingredients & sustainable life choices.

With a deep-rooted passion for good food, boundless respect for all creatures, and a celebration of communal bliss, Maya promises to ignite your senses, nurturing not only your well-being but also the beautiful world we call home.

Our Bar

Our bar complements the culinary delights offered by our bakery, providing a cool and inviting community space for people to gather, enjoy plant-based beverages, and indulge in a vibrant and socially conscious atmosphere.

Whether you're a vegan or simply someone looking for a unique and enjoyable experience, Maya's bar is a place where you can relax, socialize, and appreciate the fusion of culinary artistry and ethical principles.