How long will the pastries stay fresh for?

Our bakery products are best consumed within a day of purchase for best quality.

Is there take away for beverages?

Yes, all of our beverages are available for take away.

Can I keep the pastries in my fridge? How long can I keep it in my fridge?

No, putting it in the fridge would not keep the pastries fresh since there is no butter.

Are there eggs and milk in the pastries?

All our bakery products are plant based and we do not use any eggs or milk to produce them.


Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship overseas?

No, as the products are highly perishable

Do you deliver to NT and Kowloon or just HK?

We deliver to Kowloon, Hong Kong and New Territories 

Can I modify my order?

We discourage any modifications to the orders after the payment is sent and order is confirmed. Modifications are limited and evaluated on a case by case basis.

Can I cancel my order?

We have a no refund and
return policy. Once an order is placed, you cannot cancel or make a refund.


What does plant based mean?

Plant based means it is made of plants and doesn’t use animal products. We do not use milk or butter in our pastries.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we do. Feel free to inquire by emailing us at info@mayabakerybar.com